Good design comes from experience, creativity, imagination and a deep knowledge of the characteristics of the materials to be exploited. In addition, the silversmith and jeweller has many and varied techniques available to help him or her achieve a unique outcome.

In my approach to the subject I would describe myself as being traditionalist in method but modern and contemporary in outlook. It would be easy to say that I found inspiration in nature and my environment but that would be too simplistic.  I rarely use primary sources directly but filter these themes consciously or unconsciously.  Whatever these themes, I am as likely to be inspired by the more basic and fundamental elements of shape, line, colour, tone, texture, pattern and form.

Both gold and silver are very sympathetic metals with which to work.  They are both extremely ductile and malleable, being capable of being formed into just about anything I as the designer can imagine, and of being finished in a variety of ways from hard and bright, through myriad textures to soft and subtle. I enjoy being able to employ the many combinations of techniques available and to exploit the intrinsic qualities of the metals to achieve the results I seek.  

If the client wishes, I am able to offer a personal design service, with as much input as the client wishes, to enable a completely unique and personal piece to be produced. While the cost of this design service will normally be absorbed into the total costs, I ask that a fee of 20% of the final estimated cost be paid in advance.

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